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Phylogenetic analysis of acute hepatitis C virus genotype 4 infections among human immunodeficiency virus-positive men who have sex with men in Germany.
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Liver Fibrosis Progression After Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection in HIV-Positive Individuals
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EACS guidelines
► PDF, 54 pages

Effect of HBV polymerase inhibitors on renal function in patients with chronic hepatitis B
► PDF, 6 pages


Treatment Results of Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 5 and 6 Infections in Germany
► PDF, 5 pages

Chronic hepatitis C: Treat or wait? Medical decision making in clinical practice
► PDF, 9 pages


Chronic hepatitis B treatment initiation and modification patterns in five European countries:
a 2-year longitudinal, non- interventional study
► PDF, 17 pages

Screening for autoantibodies in chronic hepatitis C patients has no effect on treatment initiation or outcome
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