Elevated liver enzymes?

Elevated liver enzymes may have multiple causes. This may have different consequences for you as well. Elevated liver enzymes can result from viral infections, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, malnutrition, obesity and from the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Many of these factors can be treated or may be improved by life style changes.

What can we do for you?

An efficient treatment needs a reliable diagnosis. The medical training of our physicians and modern equipment enables us to establish a diagnosis in an efficient and qualified manner. Rather complex therapies, such as the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C or therapy for patients with hemochromatosis, can be accomplished at our center.

Your questions

  • What are the functions of the liver and what happens in case of an infection?
  • What are the risks of infection and how can transmission be prevented?
  • What are the symptoms and what is the natural course of disease?
  • What examination methods and treatment options are available?